Hubris Release

I recently decided to try expanding the audience of Hubris, the map I built in the first few days of winter break, so I released it on IndieDB. Apparently this was a good idea. The number of downloads went from 40 to over 700! (Edit: 2400!) Articles also appeared on and The feedback seems to be good too (allow me to indulge a moment and quote some favorites):

“I’m definitely hoping we will see this world expanded into a full-fledged game of some sorts in the near future. Please?”
“Waouh!!! Excellent! Design <3”
“This is a really soothing and calm game :)”
“very Moebius [Jean Giraud?]-like. I loved it.”
“This ain’t a game. Sorry, but it’s ‘just’ art.”
“This reminds me of … ‘At the Mountains of Madness'”

Some people have been asking for a more polished future release with more content, a menu interface, and visual options. I’d personally like to see it released in a more manageable file size, though I think this is currently a limitation of UDK. However, I’ve not considered a future release, and have been keeping busy with The Singularity and my other projects between heaps of schoolwork.

If I do release a future version, I can’t imagine how I would expand the level’s content in any meaningful way. So a re-release of Hubris would more likely exist within a separate project as a bonus level. Either that, or I could try some sort of episodic bundle release of a few similarly short, atmospheric levels (Blizzard, Dig, and Singularity?) once they’re completed.

On a separate note, there may not be any updates here for a week or two. Finals week approaches and my tea supply is low.

3 thoughts on “Hubris Release

  1. Also, I guess this means I’m an indie game developer now? Best I start making pixel art and chip tunes.

    1. UDK doesn’t currently support Linux. Sorry. But hopefully UDK in-browser will be available with its next release.

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