The Good Sewer Level: Reference Dump

In preparation for Quake Sewer Map Jam, I’ve gathered a bunch of references from my favorite sewer levels in games. I also recorded a playthrough of the Dunwall Sewers from Dishonored. I intend to record similar videos for these levels below as I have time in the coming weeks.

If there are other good sewer levels you think I’m missing, let me know!

I am also interested in knowing more about the development process behind these maps. If you happen to know who worked on these levels—or if you worked on them yourself—let me know!

Mirror’s Edge (2008), “Chapter 2 – Jacknife”

Level design by Elisabetta Silli
Mirror’s Edge team credits

Titanfall 2, “Blood and Rust”

Level design by Davis Standley
Level scripting by David Shaver
Titanfall 2 team credits

Wolfenstein: The New Order, various chapters

Level designs by ???
Lighting art by Tomas Lidström
Wolfenstein: The New Order team credits

One thought on “The Good Sewer Level: Reference Dump

  1. I’m a big fan of Anoat City in Dark Forces.

    I think it’s one of the only ones I’ve played that really felt like a sewer system that you needed to understand in order to navigate.

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