Two Unreal Designs

A few days ago several design ideas came in close succession and I proceeded to draw them. Two of these are distinctly Unreal Tournament designs; there’s no other use I can imagine for them. I feel, however, I’ve stopped benefiting and learning from multiplayer design in Unreal. As much as I want to, designing more levels would be accepting stagnation. Even DM-Galsteen was pushing it.

All the same, there is benefit in practicing the transition from 2d sketches to 3d layouts. The first level, the capture the flag map pictured above, translated almost perfectly. The main difficulty was in the flag bases, which originally felt too exposed on top and too crowded below.

The second level, the death match map pictured above, encountered more difficulty. My first drawing was a one inch square, so I redrew the two wings on a larger scale without minding the middle space. While replicating it in engine, aligning the wings to create an interesting middle was the main obstacle, and my original sketch for the middle area was ignored.

I don’t know if I’ll finish either of these levels, but I guess they’re something for me to work on when I feel blocked in my other projects.

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